Saying Affirmations (and why you should care)

I’m not trying to get all hooey on you but today we’re going to talk about affirmations.  Affirmations are basically positive words that you say to yourself to bring change into your life.  They work because you train your mind (like you might train your body) into believing the affirmation.  Affirmations

Honestly, you may have already seen the power of affirmations (positive or negative) in your life.  As a child, or as an adult you may have been told that you didn’t have the abilities to do something or that you were too fat or too short or too clumsy.  These statements seep into your brain and you start to reinforce them throughout your life when you fail at something.  In the same way, because we fear failure or ridicule our brain tell us to avoid certain risky activities (even if there would be incredible reward).

Psychological research shows us that affirmations have the power to minimize anxiety, stress, and defensiveness while keeping us open to the idea that there is room for improvement.  So give it a shot, okay?  Let me know how it goes.

To start, think of something that is really holding you back.  Maybe you are afraid to take an action because you think that you aren’t worthy or because you think that your goals are too big.  Change that statement into the positive (“I am worthy” or “I will achieve my goals”).  Start out by speaking the affirmation repeatedly for a few minutes (you can even do this a few times per day).

I’ll start sharing some of my favorite affirmations in some upcoming Motivation Monday posts but I want you to start to work this into your routine right away.  I typically start my day reciting my affirmations to myself.  I know that if you commit yourself to this, you will find that affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you change your life.


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