Simplify Your Life

need less, have moreA lot of my friends are simplifying their wardrobe right now (i.e. capsule wardrobes).  It is really trendy and I see this everywhere across media.  I really love my clothes so I’m personally not going to get rid of my collection but I love that idea of simplifying in other areas of your life.  I was inspired to write about ways that you can simplify your life.  When you simplify your life, you make room for more important things.

  1. Your Schedule.  I’ve written many times about how you can’t say “yes” to everything that anyone asks you to do.  When your schedule is packed, you won’t have the energy to dedicate the more important projects.  Only put things on your schedule that you need to do.  Maybe you’ll even have time to relax (a girl can dream).
  2. Your Workspace.  Studies show us that when our space is cluttered, our brain isn’t able to focus on everything.  Your brain literally starts to see things as “fuzzy”.  Do you really want a critical project or product to be “fuzzy”?  Simplify your workspace so you can focus on important tasks.
  3. Your Morning Routine.  I used to wake up and check my emails before I even got out of bed.  My entire day would be completely hectic because I set the tone before I even got out of bed.  I have simplified my morning routine by forcing myself to not do any work before I’ve had coffee, meditated and picked out clothes (yes, in that order).  This has been amazing for setting the tone for my day.
  4. Your Goals.  You can’t focus on too many things at once so figure out what goals you should be focused on right now.  Sit down and simplify your goals.  Write down your most important goals.  Be specific.  Then create a list of things you have to do to meet those goals.  Don’t focus on anything else.
  5. Your Thoughts.  If you have spent any time reading my advice, you know that I’m a big believer in meditation.  By meditating, you can start to eliminate some of the “clutter” in your brain and allow you to focus on important things without anxiety and stress.



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