Spotlight Saturday: GLP Fitness

GLP Brand_ Love Yourself TankI’m really passionate about products created by amazing women or for amazing women.

It is my goal to support and promote these products so I share them with you on Saturdays.  I have no monetary (or other) relationship with these companies.  They aren’t paying for my opinion.  I truly just want to celebrate products that align with my passions.

This week, I’m sharing GLP Lifestyle & Fitness.  I first saw this brand on Instagram and was immediately like “YES!”  I love the body positive messages on their clothes and images.  The just launched last Saturday and I hope that they will be successful.

Directly from their website,  their “mission is to empower every woman to embrace her Confidence From Within. We hope to motivate individuals to shed their preexisting beliefs about what it means to be “good looking,” and to enlighten people around the world to what it means to be truly good looking: physical fitness for the mind, body, and soul regardless of your physical appearance or ability. True beauty is being the best you and finding your confidence from within – we all deserve to be good looking people.”


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