Rock Your Brand, Part 2

We are continuing the series on creating a rockstar brand that conveys your message consistently to influence people.  The next section is one of my favorite branding decisions but also one of the most challenging.  This part is all about identifying how you want your brand to look.  I can’t wait to get started so let’s jump in!

Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness!-3

Pick 2-3 colors that will represent your brand.  A good idea is to pick one or two key colors and a consistent neutral shade.  

Each color triggers a different feeling for people so consider these as you pick your colors:

Key Colors

Red – excitement, youthful, bold, evokes strong emotions, intense, symbolizes love

Orange – friendly, cheerful, confident, evokes excitement, shows warmth, cautionary color

Yellow – optimistic, clarity, warmth, cheerfulness

Green – peaceful, growth, natural, healthy, tranquility, symbolizes money

Blue – trustworthy, dependable, strong, water, peaceful, calmness, serenity

Purple – creative, imaginative, royalty, wise, wealth, success, wisdom



Brown – natural, earthy

Gray – balance, calm, cool, conservative, moody

White – purity, clean, innocent

Black – conservative, chic, sophisticated, versatile


Pick fonts to use in your branding. 

  1. Make sure it is easy to read.  You don’t want people to have to put a lot of effort into reading your messages.
  2. Is your word and line spacing optimized?  Again, this is about making sure that it is easy for people to read your message.
  3. Can you read it on any device?  Make sure that whatever you create can be viewed well whether viewed in print, on a computer, on a tablet or on a phone.  People will access things in many different ways so make sure you are versatile enough to deal with it.
  4. Pick a font that aligns with your brand.  If your branding is sleek and modern, you probably will go with a clean, font.  If you are trying to brand yourself as classy, maybe you want to use a cursive font.

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