Creating Visual Content

It is no secret that you want to create visual content to share with your audience.  People are more responsive to visual content than just words.  Also, there are a number of social media platforms that are based on posting visuals (think Instagram or Pinterest).  So creating visual content will be critical for you to communicate your message.

visual content resourcesI wanted to share a quick list of sites that I use to create visual content for free.  You can absolutely pay for apps or pay a professional to create visuals for you but when I just need something quick and pretty, these are the sites that I turn to:

  • – I use this one a lot because it is easy so easy to use but it doesn’t give you customization options.
  • – quickly turn quotes or thoughts into fully customizable visuals to share across social media.
  • – really simple graphic design software.
  • – Great, intuitive photo editor.

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