Using Instagram to Brand Your Business

Rock Your Instagram ContentI talk to so many people who either want to join Instagram but don’t really get it or join Instagram but then don’t know what to post.  This post is for you my dear.

As with all social media (and really anything else that relates to your brand) everything that you share should have a purpose and should relate to your brand.  The other caveat before I jump into my advice is that I suggest you only use social media platforms that you like and will consistently use.  You have to be active on these platforms to keep your audience engaged.

Here are some content ideas that I’ve found people really like on Instagram:

  1. Share a specific brand or service.  Come up with a way to share what you do in a way that is visual.  You don’t want to just blatantly post ads on Instagram constantly because people won’t engage.  It is a balance between communicating what you do while not sounding like a used car salesman.
  2. Inspirational messages (in a visual format) that align with your company’s vision.
  3. Behind the scenes.  People are curious to get a glimpse into how you run your business.  For example, one of my friends owns a clothing boutique and she shares pictures of her cruising around with a mannequin in her passenger seat going to pop ups.  It is funny, it is real and it relates to her business.
  4. Ask a question.  People like to give a quick opinion so maybe just post a visual picture of a question and let people answer in the comments.
  5. Repost User Content (with their permission, of course!).  Encourage your users to hashtag you in images relating to your brand and repost them.  A local farm does a great job of sharing recipes that people make with ingredients purchased from them.

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