Meditation for Profitability

Would it blow your mind if you heard me say that the two most effective business tools are meditation and intuition?  Would you be even more surprised if I told you that was the conclusion of a study by Harvard Business School and INSEAD—Europe’s leading business school?  Crazy, right?

meditationAs someone who meditates almost daily, this isn’t completely mind blowing to me but I was impressed to hear them proclaim these are the most important business tools.  That is a pretty lofty label.  Meditation does help businesses in ways like helping to create a clear vision for goals and having the inspiration to be innovative.

The benefits of meditation in the workplace is multifaceted – regular practice can assist with:

  • Manage stress.  There is no way to avoid stress (if you know how, I could make you very wealthy).  Meditation has been shown to help individuals deal with stress which will help you lead a healthier overall life.
  • Increased productivity.  By helping you manage your stress, you will have more energy and time to focus on tasks that directly support your goals.  Increased productivity = increased profits.
  • Improved communication.  A clear mind will be able to clearly communicate thoughts and ideas – every very complex ones.  Issues in communicating messages can wreak havoc in a business.
  • Resilience – Research indicates that meditation has the potential to decrease anxiety and therefore increase our performance in difficult situations.  We face up to 12 “Fight or Flight” situations each day.  Reducing our overall anxiety will help you to face these situations productively.
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence – I have read many studies that confirm that meditation will strength our ability to control our emotions.

Pretty compelling stuff, huh?  If you are interested in giving it a shot, I’ve included three of my favorite apps for meditation.

  • Headspace – this app does a really nice job of leading you through meditation and showing you why we meditate.  Spoiler alert, you won’t just “clear your mind” and think about nothing.
  • Calm – I really like the daily series in this app and the choice of backgrounds.  I’m meditating at the beach this week 🙂
  • Breathe – Another good guided meditation app

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