Have business ideas? Start here.

I know so many people who are really interested in starting a business but it remains an idea or they start out strong but don’t have their ducks in a row so the business fails.  Don’t let this happen to you!  You have big ideas that you are passionate about (or you wouldn’t be here).  Use this checklist to get action started now!

getting ahead get startedRefine your vision – Hopefully if you’ve made it this far in the article, you’ve got a solid business idea and you should have already though about who you customers are and why they want your product/service.  Also, spend time thinking about how much it is going to cost you to start your business.

Create a business plan – There are a lot of free resources available to help you through this process so I won’t go into detail.  But do it.  For real.

Define your customer  – You’ll want to be pretty specific: how old are they, do they have kids. what kind of job do they do, where do they live, what do they do for fun?  You get the picture.

Claim your domain and set up social media – I always suggest that people only use whichever social media you will actually use but for this step, I suggest claiming your business name on all major social media.  I would hate for you to later decide you should use Twitter only to find out that your name is taken.

Call an accountant – You’ll need to decide what type of business you should register (LLC, Corp?) and figure out your tax situation.

Check with a lawyer – this are serious now, huh?  Run your business by them and make sure you are doing things on the straight and narrow.

Open a business bank account  – You’ll need to bring business paperwork and a deposit.



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