Make Giving Back Your Business

I was recently talking to the CEO of a technology company and he asked me why he should feel obligated to give back to charity as a business owner.  It seriously caught me off guard and in the moment, all I could think was “Why wouldn’t you?”


To me, sharing my good fortune with the less fortunate is a no brainer.  I realize that some people aren’t driven to do the same but this guy had thought about it and wasn’t sure that he should.  In the spirit of fully addressing this topic from a business management standpoint, I’ve written down the talking points that I wish I had prepared for this guy that I think would appeal to someone who isn’t necessarily charitably minded:

  • Charitable companies earn the reputation as being a good company to work with.  So people will want to find ways to work with you or for you.
  • You are able to make any contributions as tax benefit by taking the deduction when you file your taxes.
  • Free publicity.  Charity organizations are great at promoting the businesses who partner with them.  You can also share pictures of your participation which will draw in good press.
  • Its good for you!  The feeling that you get from giving to others is unmatched.  What a good feeling to be able to stand up for or against a cause that you feel strongly about.

How you can get started:

  • I suggest including giving in part of your business and financial plans.  When you already have it planned, it will be easier to feel like you aren’t taking time or money from a different category.
  • You can give money but you could volunteer your time or expertise.  Be creative with the ways that you can be charitable.
  • Pick something you feel strongly about.  You will really feel like you are making a difference.

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