100 Ways To Market Your Business

I’m sharing 100 killer ways to market your business.  Everything won’t work for everyone’s business but this is a mega list so you are definitely going to find some things that would rock for you.


  1. Facebook Business Page
  2. Create Facebook Group for Your Customers
  3. Pin your products/services on Pinterest
  4. Instagram Business Account
  5. Use Twitter
  6. Snapchat
  7. Email List
  8. Tell Friends and Family about your business
  9. List your business on your personal Facebook page
  10. Create promo videos (Vimeo is really easy to use)
  11. Include hand written note with customer purchase
  12. Have signature packaging
  13. Send a gift to customers who use your services
  14. Have unique business cards
  15. Keep your business cards with you and hand them out to everyone
  16. Attend networking events
  17. Connect with other experts in your industry
  18. Interview with a blog that focuses on your industry
  19. Guest blog on pages that relate to your business
  20. Create a freebie (eBook, printable, etc)
  21. Put up flyers
  22. Host giveaways
  23. Free gifts with purchase
  24. Send Thank You Notes
  25. Interview on Podcast
  26. Periscope areas where you are an expert
  27. Speak to a local networking group
  28. Participate in Google Plus communities
  29. Be consistent in your branding and content
  30. Create online campaign
  31. Engage with followers on pages similar to yours on social media or blogs
  32. Attend a trade show
  33. Go to conferences
  34. Try to get covered on local news or other broadcast
  35. Host a workshop
  36. Participate in industry discussion boards
  37. Find forums related to your product and be active
  38. Make sure your email signature has your business info in it
  39. Tell everyone what you do – neighbors, teachers, cashiers, everyone
  40. Interview an industry expert on your blog
  41. Start your own podcast
  42. Create an infographic (people love infographics)
  43. Have a referral program
  44. Take out a Facebook ad
  45. Put your business on Yelp
  46. Offer discounts to repeat customers
  47. Give your product to bloggers to review
  48. Let a blogger do a giveaway of your product
  49. Make sure your social media info is everywhere (emails, websites, blogs)
  50. Demonstrate your expertise by answer industry questions on the internet
  51. Have a LinkedIn profile
  52. Connect with people on LinkedIn
  53. Publish articles on LinkedIn
  54. Find ways to engage with your audience – ask questions, polls, etc
  55. Spotlight industry leaders on your social media, blog, website, etc
  56. Comment on blogs with your url in your signature
  57. Partner with a local charity
  58. Use Craigslist
  59. Host a webinar
  60. Collaborate with another business
  61. Create an affiliate program
  62. Advertise in industry directories
  63. Post blogs on StumbleUpon and similar sites
  64. Do pro bono work
  65. Have a flash sale
  66. Host a Thank You Party for your best customers
  67. Listen to your customers suggestions
  68. Find new ways to serve customers in related ways
  69. Keep a list of marketing or product ideas
  70. Ask Friends and Family for referrals
  71. Ask customers for testimonials
  72. Use product photos from customers
  73. Make sure you understand SEO to drive traffic
  74. Use Google Adwords
  75. Advertise on Twitter
  76. Network in LinkedIn Groups
  77. Submit articles to large outlets (HuffPost takes submissions for example)
  78. Create press releases and send them to news outlets
  79. Provide value to your customers
  80. Go above and beyond in your customer service
  81. Create or market products for upcoming holidays
  82. Create YouTube videos
  83. Sponsor an event
  84. Host a Twitter chat
  85. Sell bundled products
  86. Provide discounts to specific populations (teachers, military, students, moms, etc)
  87. Do Public Speaking events at schools, libraries, etc
  88. Create an add on service
  89. Surprise your best customers with free gifts
  90. Have a product launch party
  91. Host a panel interview on periscope or a webinar (or even locally)
  92. Crowdsource product ideas
  93. Issue a challenge to your fans
  94. Reward fans who share your content or tag you on social media
  95. Host a charity event
  96. Hold a photo contest
  97. Make sure special events are listed on your social media and blog
  98. Have a person respond to emails
  99. Use people’s names when you talk to them
  100. Pay attention to what is working for you and do more of it.

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